Food Shopping at Walmart

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Updated: 8/4/20

Need to go grocery shopping? Try Walmart! They have a large selection of food at “rollback” prices. You’ll find the vast majority of items you would at a regular grocery store, and they even have a bakery.

Walmart carries a combination of store brand and brand name items. They have a decent sized produce section that carries the trending ready-to-prepare foods such as cleaned and sliced vegetables and pre-portioned fruit. As already mentioned, there’s a bakery with a wide variety of items. You will also find a large freezer section, several aisles of pantry items and a large dairy case. Their prices are pretty consistent and often lower than Tops or Wegmans.

I was a little hesitant at first buying fresh foods from Walmart. So far, my experience has been pretty positive as I’ve been happy with everything I’ve purchased.

No time to go shopping? No problem! There is now Walmart Grocery, which is a pickup and delivery service. First, you need to go online and create an account. Then you order what you need, including items that require freezing/refrigeration, and schedule a pickup. Go to the store at the time you selected and your items will be there waiting for you. There is no fee, but a minimum order of $35 is required. Some stores also offer delivery so your items can be delivered right to your home for a fee.