Food Shopping at Tops

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I must admit that Tops is not my favorite grocery store. I guess I’m spoiled though- why would you want to grocery shop anywhere else when you have a Wegmans around? I need to pay some homage to Tops though, because they’re all over Western New York and the first Tops ever was built in Niagara Falls!

From my experience, the quality of produce as well as selection of different products seems to vary greatly from store to store. Generally, it seems the larger the store is, the better quality items it will carry. If you don’t like what one store has to offer, you might want to check out a different location.

Just like any other grocery store, Tops carries a wide variety of healthy as well as not-so-healthy foods. Most locations have a specific natural section where you can find organic foods as well as gluten-free products. I was happy to see that many locations carry Vin-Chet bakery products, which is a gluten-free bakery in Amherst, NY.

The big thing I don’t like about Tops is their prices. You can get great deals there (scroll down for all the tips and tricks!), but often their regular prices on items can be pretty high. Take advantage of their sales or you could be spending more than you need to there.

Weekly Ad

You most likely get the Tops weekly ad sent to your house. If not, you can find them at the front of the stores. In the ads, you’ll find out what’s on sale and there are often coupons in there too.


Tops accepts coupons and will double ones that are for less than a dollar. They have “Dollar Doublers” periodically which let you double coupons that are a $1.00 off. There are also eCoupons which you can “clip” on their website for further savings.

Gas Points

If you’re a regular at Tops, definitely take advantage of their gas points! You get points for how much money you spend and how many manufacturer coupons you redeem. There are also bonus points to different items which can be found in the weekly ad. At specific redemption periods, you will be able to use these points for money off gas pumped at Tops locations.

The Cooking School is a great program Tops provides! These are cooking classes taught right in the store. There are also specific Your Healthy Lifestyle classes taught by Registered Dietitians (yay!) that have a variety of topics including diabetic cooking. The classes are held at various Tops locations- make sure to register beforehand!