Food Shopping at Niagara Produce

Updated: Mar 30

niagara produce title with grocery store in background

Want to buy local? Well then check out Niagara Produce! There’s the large location on Transit near Millersport and then a smaller, newer location in Lockport on the corner of Chestnut and Washburn. The company is locally owned and has been around since the 1950s.

Niagara Produce has lots of local produce to choose from. They also carry locally made pastries, chocolates and other desserts. The deli is pretty extensive, and does carry some specialty items. They also have a greenhouse at the Transit location which has a pretty big selection of flowers, herbs and vegetables. While there, perhaps check out the Dorr to Door Café, which sells sandwiches, wraps and subs.

Let’s talk prices. Generally, produce here is priced below other grocery stores (awesome!). Boxed or canned goods, however, are generally priced much higher. The selection of these items are also limited. For me, this is a “supplemental” grocery store. I love to scoop up lots of inexpensive produce (and Platter’s sponge candy), but then I’m going to go somewhere else to do the rest of my shopping. Niagara Produce does not take any manufacturer's coupons.

The store has a very local feel, a little nostalgic to a simpler time. Everything is pretty low-tech and simple. For example, the pre-boxed and bagged items have price stickers that were manually put on. Your receipt is pretty basic and really doesn’t explain what you bought at all. Despite all this, I feel check out normally goes pretty smoothly. Everyone stands in one big line, so you don’t have to worry about being mad at yourself for choosing the wrong one. If you’re looking to switch up the grocery shopping monotony, you have to check this store out!