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2019 Holiday Gift Ideas

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

wrapped gift with pinecone hot coca with snowman

I’ve rounded up all my favorite products related to food, health and exercise so you can get the perfect gift for your health-conscious family and friends. Get them what they REALLY want this year!


Reduce Cold1 50oz Mug

holding a 50oz mug in hammock

When I became pregnant this year, I knew I had to take my hydration up to the next level. I was looking for a large tumbler that could keep my water cold for a long time. My husband surprised me by buying this HUMONGOUS mug and I couldn't be happier. It makes my water crazy cold and I love that I don't need a coaster because it doesn't sweat. The company no longer makes the color combination I have, but there are lots of other options to choose from.

To buy on Amazon: click here

Senneny Straight Extra Long Silicone Straws - 8mm

colored silicone straws and brushes

Since I was using my Reduce tumbler so much, I needed some extra straws to go with it! Enter these awesome silicone straws. They fit the tumbler perfectly! I also like to use them for smoothies and protein shakes as they're perfect for thick drinks since they are extra wide. The pack comes with two cleaning brushes as well.

To buy on Amazon: click here

NYX Fitness Booty Bands

exercise bands on yoga mat

I love using different exercise equipment at the gym as they keep my workout routine from getting stale. Exercise bands are a great staple, but those latex rubbery things leave much to be desired. They're hard to get on and if they roll during an exercise - ouch! These fabric resistance bands are the perfect upgrade. They don't slip or roll and stay in place. Some of my favorite exercises to do with them include glute bridges, clamshells, squats and monster walks.

To buy on amazon: click here

D'Avolio Oils and Vinegars

D-Avolio oil and vinegar with lemon

D'Avolio products are a staple holiday gift in the WNY area. The infused oils and vinegars add so much flavor to salads as well as other dishes- they really make healthy eating delicious! There are tons of fun flavors to choose from, with the strawberry balsamic vinegar being one of my favorites. These products are classy and almost anyone can enjoy them. You can feel confident when giving them to a co-worker, boss, mother-in-law or holiday party host this season.

To buy on the D'Avolio website or find kitchen and retail locations: click here

Yummy Kitchenware Fine Mesh Strainer

fine mesh strainer

This strainer has been a life saver when it comes to preparing quinoa! Quinoa has to be rinsed prior to cooking and my previous strainer made this process a nightmare! I would literally have to take a toothpick and poke out all the quinoa that got stuck in the strainer. It was extremely frustrating and tedious and didn't exactly make me excited about cooking a healthy meal. My new Yummy Kitchenware strainer is extremely fine so nothing gets stuck!

To buy on Amazon: click here

Maternity Crossover Panel Active Leggings

pregnant person stretching on exercise mat with water bottle

If you have an active pregnant women in your life, you NEED to buy her these leggings! Exercising while pregnant poses enough challenges - we don't need to add ill-fitting, see through pants into the mix. It seems like every other leggings I tried on fit awkwardly, were way too thin or were extremely expensive. These Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel leggings are the only things I wear to the gym. They fit well, are the perfect thickness, and generally stay in place. They are over-the-belly in the front, but cross lower in the back. This way you get support without getting too hot and sweaty all over.

Black Capri

To buy at Target: click here

Heather Gray Capri

To buy at Target: click here

OXO Cherry Pitter

cherry pitter on marble counter

Over the summer, I rediscovered cherries. I remembered not really liking them as a kid, so I never bothered buying them as an adult. One trip to the farmers market changed that! They're great to eat right off the stem, but having a cherry pitter allows you to use them in recipes and add them to fruit salads.

To buy on Amazon: click here

MIER Lunch Bag

large orange lunch bag

This lunch box is crazy big! I like to use it on my long days at the office so I don't run out of food. I put two ice packs in it for good measure and my food stays cold for hours. It's big enough for my 1 liter seltzer bottles as well as lots of food containers. This bag is perfect if your work day is long enough where you need to pack multiple meals and snacks.

To buy on Amazon: click here


large mug that looks like a pineapple

These adorable produce-inspired ceramics are a delight! I have the pineapple mug and coconut bowl in my office. These handmade items are made by a couple in Florida, but they originally started out in the Western New York area. These functional pieces of art make great gifts for any foodie in your life!

To buy from the Vegetabowls Etsy shop: click here

Cuisinart Mini Spatulas

colorful silicone spatulas

These silicone mini spatulas are perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks! I often use them to scoop out peanut butter, hummus and other dips when I'm preparing my lunches. You'll be able to get every last drop out of containers, limiting food waste and saving you money!

To buy on Amazon: click here



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